2X ApplicationServer 5.0

2X ApplicationServer 5.0: Tunnel Windows apps on remote desktops, eliminate management & security issues ApplicationServer features: * Publish applications, rather than installing locally * Tunnel an application, not a whole desktop * Seamless integration with local desktop & taskbar * Publish applications based on username, group membership or IP * Publish Windows applications onto Linux and Mac * Publish applications to Web Interface (Windows clients only) * Publish applications to a terminal server farm * Integration with 2X LoadBalancer * SSL secure

Credit Card Applications 1.0: Credit Card Applications for Internet Explorer.
Credit Card Applications 1.0

Credit Card Applications for Internet Explorer. People with limited or no credit history will find a variety of credit card applications to improve their credit and use the benefits of a consumer credit card. credit card applications, credit card applications for no credit, credit card application, no credit cards, apply for credit card, no credit, fair credit card, credit history, unsecured, credit cards application online, creditcards.

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Easy Uninstaller 6.1.0

Easy Uninstaller will assist you to manage installed Applications on your computer more efficiently. Easy Analyzer has a very friendly user interface which will make it easy to analyze and keep track of installed Applications. From Easy Uninstaller you can not only uninstall the applications but also get more information about the installed applications in an organized way. Instead of windows Add/Remove utility which shows information about an

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Create Database Application 5.6: Create database applications and Web applications.
Create Database Application 5.6

applications and Web applications without writing any code. And you don`t have to be a software programmer to do it. With its intuitive integrated development environment (IDE) and drag-and-drop objects, it`s quick to learn and easy to use. It requires no programming knowledge. Design and distribute your database applications and Web applications with a few clicks of the mouse. With Longtion Application Builder you can create standalone Web applications

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OutSystems Agile Platform CE 6.0.0: Deploy and manage web apps and business processes, using agile methodologies.
OutSystems Agile Platform CE 6.0.0

applications and business processes using visual models, including UI, logic, DB, timers and more; 3) 1-Click Publishing: Automated process to deploy web applications, components and processes with 1-click, in minutes; 4) Service Center: Web based tool to centrally manage applications, components, processes, versioning, security, and monitoring. With the Agile Platform Community Edition (CE) you can build web business applications with Agile methodologies

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Windows Smart Card 1.00: All applications are packed within the several layers of the Windows Smart Card
Windows Smart Card 1.00

applications instantly. The Windows Smart Card comprises executable functions, you can run any of your applications from within the layers of the Windows Smart Card. All applications are classified according to their types. Each layer of the Windows Smart Card is capable of launching 6 different applications, by clicking the button labeled "Zash", you can Zash in, out, or between the Windows Smart Card layers to reach for your applications. The Windows

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9Desks 1.8: 9Desks creates 9 virtual desktops for better application management.
9Desks 1.8

9Desks is a program that permits you to have up to nine virtual desktops for better applications management. You can work in a more clean environment dividing active applications in more desktops. 9Desks contains many advanced features like rules for starting applications, password for desktops, Active Desktop management, Themes support, Applications Recovery and it is more compatible with third party applications.

desktop managers, virtual desktop, 9desks, multi desktop, shell manager

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